Sunday, June 10, 2012

You know you watch too many Korean Dramas when...

  1. When you find yourself calling your husband "Obo" or your boyfriend "Oppa"
  2. When watching an American made film or TV show you find yoursel marveling at how good the English speaking actors are.
  3. When watching an American made film or TV show you keep wondering where the English sub-titles are.
  4. You catch yourself saying "Aiigoo" rather than "Oh my!"
  5. You catch yourself bowing to people when you greet them.
  6. When you think Kimchi is really good even though you've never tasted it before.
  7. When all your favorite actors are Korean.
  8. When you find yourself recasting popular films with Korean actors.
  9. When ou find yourself constantly illustrating conversation with friend and family with excerpts from the latest drama you are watching.
  10. When someone asks where you are or what you are doing and your friends and family reply without hesitation: "At her computer watching Korean Dramas!"

Friday, June 8, 2012

I have a completely new outlook on chocolate now...

One of the new dramas I’m watching is loosely based … actually VERY loosely based on the movie Big with Tom Hanks.  You know the one, right? Well … that’s not important … anyway, in this drama an 18 year old boy’s spirit (or whatever) gets switched into this um … grown man’s body.  The boy, once he’s in this person’s body starts to show off said body to the man’s fiancĂ©.  He pulls up his shirt to show off a VERY muscular torso and says “Look! Abs like chocolate!!” … ooooh yummy! Now I enjoy chocolate even more.

Abs like Chocolate

The drama is cute, so far.  It's a Hong Sisters drama, which means it's guaranteed to be funny.  The first episode wasn't so much, but the second was laugh out loud funny.  Up to this point the 18 year old is making little or no effort to behave like the grown man whose body he inhabits.  His antics have been adorable and in moments like above, down right sexy.  I hope this drama continues to be as enjoyable as it has started out to be.