Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad Hair – Great Character

I started watching Wild Romance this week and discovered two new actors to add to my watch list: Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young.
 Lee Si Young plays Yoo Eun Jae, a tomboyish, baseball loving bodyguard.  There’s absolutely NOTHING pretty or remotely attractive about this character.  She sports a short tousled mane of hair that would look good on a flower boy, but does nothing to enhance her looks (more about the hair in a moment).  She can sneer, spit and be as raunchy as any guy.  She is also a bodyguard with 7th degree blackbelt in Judo.  Her initial introduction to Lee Dong Wook’s character includes throwing him over her shoulder on his back.
Eun Jae’s hair … well … it’s not pretty.  She does have ‘cute’ moments, in spite of the hair, but mostly when she’s sporting a hat or when her hair is plastered down for whatever reason.  Her most hilarious hair moment is when she confronts another character, Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo, with the most amazing demonstration of bed head I’ve ever seen.  Furthermore, Dong Soo doesn’t appear to notice.  I wonder how many takes it took for him to keep a straight face.  She also faces doen Dong Wook’s character, Park Moo Yul, with the same bad hairdo and since their relationship to this point has been nothing short of perpetual hatred… he doesn’t make the slightest hint of a reaction.  All I could think was how he could let this amazing opportunity for insults to slip by.
Maybe it’s because these guys are men, and men don’t really notice such things as hair.  Or maybe they were so stunned that their minds blanked it out completely.  They were still able to hold straight faced conversations with Eun Jae, so I’m thinking me must really have more than a one track mind, it’s just that they are unable to access more than one track at a time.
It got me wondering about this actress, Lee Si Young.  The only two dramas she’s in on are Kingdom of the Wind and Playful Kiss.  Kingdom is on my list to watch, but I’m not in a hurry to watch another historical drama right now, so I ventured in to watching Playful Kiss.  It’s a cute, high school drama that I won’t review right now, but Si Young plays a femme fatale, Yoon Hae Ra, and is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.  The contrast between Yoon Hae Ra and Lee Eun Jae is so astonishing it took me a while to recognize they were the same actor.  I love when they do that.  Lee Si Young, you win a top grade actors award in my book.
In contrast, Lee Dong Wook is eye candy.  For now that’s enough.  I’ll watch one of his other Drama Fever videos after I finish Playful Kiss.  I believe it would be La Dolce Vita or My Girl.  Not sure at this time which I’ll watch; maybe My Girl, it’s shorter.
That’s all for now, TA!

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